With Halloween being just around the corner, it seems that I’ve been hearing “Can I be . . . for Halloween?” or “I want to dress up like . . .” for weeks.  I seem to have been a slacker in the photography department for a lot of our Halloweens.  Oops!  Here’s some of the costumes I’ve worn vicariously through my children or ones we’ve used for other occasions.

 50’s girl – This is that vicarious living thing.  I always wanted a poodle skirt when I was little.  I whipped up this one the night before “Decade Day” at our elementary one year.

Avengers – When you’re a self-proclaimed geek and you’re shopping with friends, you can’t pass up an opportunity to try on the masks in the toy department.

 60’s color-block dress – This was also a night-before Decade Day project.  I completely freehanded the pattern and thought it turned out pretty good.  That is, until we had to slash the back neckline to get it on.

Arwen – This was The Artist’s idea.  She saved her babysitting money for months to buy the necklace that is a movie replica.  The dress was a medieval pattern that I made.

Joan of Arc – This was a 4th grade research project.  They did a “Living Museum” and each child gave a short oral report on their person.

 Cub Scout – This is one of our desperation costumes.  Throw on that uniform and instant costume.

Kendoist – This is another family favorite.  We practiced kendo for several years, so the armor makes another easy, instant costume.

Baby Bop – One year Princess fell in love with the Baby Bop costume in our costume box.  I have to admit, she was pretty cute.

Weeping Angel – Maybe it’s not the most high-tech costume, but it sure worked to scare the kids as they came home from school.

Sailor Moon – This was The Artist’s first real attempt at a cosplay costume.  Again, it was a low-tech version, but it worked.

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