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Sonic RPG Part 3

Sonic RPG 3 unblocked

is a game of turn-based role. Choose actions to take to win the battle, using your mouse.

Sonic RPG Part 2

Sonic RPG Part 2 unblocked

Properly, here is the other episode of Sonic RPG, when i promised. Who havent seen the primary episode, sonic, knuckles, shadow and Seelkadoom were sucked by way of a portal to additional dimension. This instance, relates the venture of Sonic and also his friends in a planet called Herbegitan . I am hoping you enjoy this!.

Murloc RPG

murloc RPG

This is a role playing game. Use the spacebar to talk to people near you. Use the arrow keys to move.

Stick RPG

Stick RPG unblocked

Stick RPG 2! Enter the 2nd 

Dimension – again! Thrust 

into an unfamiliar and bizarre 


find your place amongst the 

strange citizens by building 

up strength,