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Random Friday

Today I thought I’d join Megan in sharing 5 random facts about me:

1 – I’ve never traveled outside the continental U.S.  Someday I hope to visit my sister in Canada and vacation in Hawaii.  A Caribbean cruise would be fun, too.

2 – I can’t stand the texture of marshmallows.  They must be melted for me to eat them.

3 – I hate mopping floors.  That really why I’ve taught my kids how to clean the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the tile entry.  Or maybe I just hate cleaning in general.

4 – Someday I plan to go back to school and get a masters degree.

5 – I’ve always wanted to play the flute and violin.

Come join the party at and here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. 🙂

I’m a slacker

Lately I’ve been a real slacker as a blogger.  There aren’t really any good excuses, just life.  So, here are some completely random photos from the past few weeks:

 Bugaboo hard at work with one of his favorite pasttimes — Angry Birds
 Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Adventure all dressed up for Crazy Day.
 Our “It’s everyone’s birthday” cake (that chocolate chip glaze is the BEST!)
Someone around here turned 40, and it wasn’t me. 🙂