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Pin-spired hair – Game of Thrones styles

I was excited when I saw this week’s challenge for Make-up Monday at Agape Love Designs.  The challenge is to recreate a look, mani/pedi, or hair style that you found on or pinned to Pinterest.

Makeup Monday

The Artist has quite a collection of hairstyle pins.  Over the past several weeks we’ve given a couple of them a try.  This pin and this pin to video tutorials were the winners for our attempts.

The first style is a Daenerys-inspired braided style.  I’ll admit, I know nothing about Game of Thrones or any of the characters, so I have no idea how realistic this style might be, but it did turn out pretty cute.

I was a little nervous for the waterfall braid section, but all in all it wasn’t too bad to do.  My spacing needs a little bit of help, but I’m sure that probably comes with practice.

The second style is for Arya Stark.  (Sorry for a less-than stellar photo, it was the best we ended up with.) 

This style is a double braid bun.  Wrap the braids around each other and pin in place.  Both of the pins above ^^ link to great video tutorials that move step-by-step at an easy-to-follow pace.

Special thanks to The Artist for encouraging me to play with her hair and to Maria and Andrea for hosting a great Makeup Monday challenge.  Maybe I’ll try some pin-spired looks for me next.

Pinterest party

Since Mother Nature has decided it isn’t time for warm, spring weather, regardless of what the calendar or Punxsutawney Phil might have to say about the matter, our spring break was less than springy and spent indoors.  One day The Artist and a friend decided it was high time to finally have a Pinterest-inspired get-together.  We threw together a few activities and had an enjoyable afternoon.

The first item on the table for the teens was melted crayon art.

 We didn’t really follow a specific tutorial for this, they just hot-glued the crayons on a canvas.

Then hit the whole thing with a hot blow dryer to melt the wax. (One note of caution, the wax can splatter off the canvas and the force of the air has a tendency to move the melted wax around, so some experimentation is probably a good idea.)

The girls tried using masking tape to leave a blank area to add an inspirational word.  That didn’t work out so well.  I don’t know if something stickier would work, or vinyl or just what.

Little Miss Sunshine and Princess wanted a project, so I pulled out some rick rack and attempted making roses.  The original plan was to try this tutorial from the Crafting Chicks.  However, I was too lazy to pull out my sewing machine, so I used Kadie’s no-sew tutorial here.  We used medium rick rack in 12-inch lengths and it made the perfect size roses to put on barrettes.

Some opened up better than others.  For the multi-colored one, we put the white, wrong-sides of the two strips together as we twisted them so there would still be some color when it was opened.  However, Little Miss Sunshine decided she wanted it to stay closed.  It works, either way.

Our last project was a batch of the BYU Mint Brownies that can be found all over Pinterest. To be honest, these were ho-hum.  Granted, I didn’t realize there was a difference between mint extract and peppermint extract, so maybe that makes a difference in the final outcome.  I’ve never had the original from BYU, so I can’t say how ours compared.  However, we did have some “cool” brownies.

Have you ever had a Pinterest-party?  What did you make?

Pins worth trying

I’m great at pinning things to try later.  Problem is, “later” may never actually come.  So, I decided to remedy this affliction for a couple of my pins.  If you love cinnamon rolls (or even if you don’t), these pancakes need to go on your “to-try” list ASAP.  They were so good, I didn’t even get any photos of my version, so you’ll have to let your mouth water with the original.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes pinned here

I used fresh ground whole wheat flour and instead of a cream cheese glaze just did a vanilla glaze (3/4 cup powdered sugar, 2-3 Tbsp. milk, 1 tsp. vanilla).

Another “tried that” pin is these no-rise rolls.

No-rise rolls pinned here

We demolished the recipe for dinner and snacks throughout the evening.  I whipped up another batch for use in lunches when I realized we didn’t have any bread in the house.  Those didn’t last very long, either.  I subbed whole wheat flour and added 1/2 cup flax meal.  My next attempt will be replacing the sugar with honey.

While I can in no way take any responsibility for the original posting, I highly recommend both of these recipes.  Let me know if you try them and what you think.

Pinterest just improved

Okay, maybe the post title is a little misleading.  Pinterest didn’t really do anything, but I figured out how to make it better for myself.

I love Pinterest.  I use it regularly to pin things I want to refer back to.  But, one day I opened up my email with one of my older daughters standing by me.  I had several Pinterest notifications that I immediately deleted.  She asked if I knew that I could set my account to not send those notifications.  Actually I didn’t.  Now I do!

I used the tutorial on this site and now my inbox will no longer be inundated every time someone repins or starts following me. I won’t have to be quite so delete happy.  Whatever will I do with all my spare time?


I think I am officially addicted to Pinterest.  After our recent hard drive crash, I lost all my bookmarks, but I still have all my pins.  I have pinned some great ideas and even tried a few of them. 

Felted Dryer Balls via Pinterest
6 minute microwave caramels via Pinterest

I was super excited all weekend to see how many times my CD Suncatchers post had been pinned (15+ if I was keeping track).  I become giddy when I get notifications that something has been repinned and find out it’s not even someone I know.  It’s like I have the cool pin of the moment.

However, I have this one pin that is by far my most popular pin, that continues to pop up every few weeks.  Why?  What makes this particular pin so interesting?  How are these strangers even finding it?

Homemade Mozzarella via Pinterest

When I originally pinned this recipe, I was only doing it for future reference and thinking it would be fun to try someday.  It comes from a blogger that I trust, so I figured it must be good.  Maybe I should actually give it a try and see if all these other pinners know something I don’t.