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Perspectives – Trick or Treat

Today’s Perspectives challenge theme is Trick or Treat.  Since I did a costume post on Tuesday, it seemed a little redundant to do another post of costumes my kids wore.  So, I decided to think outside the traditional box a little and interpret the theme on a bit broader scale.  So, here are my Trick or Treat photos.

 You can’t have Trick or Treating without a supply of candy.

This next photo has a bit of a backstory behind it.  Apparently Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the Thor movie, has a reputation as a practical jokester.  He will pull pranks and then shout “Loki’d” when he’s caught.  One late night hubby and I decided to go to bed, but The Artist and The Author were still up.  We told them to turn off the lights when they finally decided to call it a night.  I have no idea how long they stayed up, but the next morning we were greeted with “Loki’d” images everywhere – in cupboards, inside drinking glasses, under plates, on the light fixtures, etc. 

I think we may still have one or two that haven’t been found. The kids all discovered over the next several days that their log-in icons and computer backgrounds had been changed to Loki images. We also had a variety of Avengers-themed objects in the kitchen: Stove Rogers, Agent Kool-son (Kool-aid packets), Thor-tillas (tortillas), The Incredible Hulk Chocolate (Hershey bars), Nick Fury (Nutella).  All in all, it was a great trick.

My last photo is more along the Treat lines.  This was the sign I put up in our elementary school teacher’s lounge this week along with a container full of mini blueberry muffins.  The staff loved it!

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Perspectives – Big & Small


Today’s theme for the Perspectives Challenge is Big & Small.

With my crazy week supervising the elementary school bookfair, I didn’t get a chance to take photos other than my thimble collection from Tuesday’s post.  However, I figure it still works since it is a BIG collection made up of SMALL individual thimbles.

For my other two photos, I’m resurrecting some older ones.  Here’s Princess and Little Miss Sunshine on their first day of school.

 Lastly, tomorrow marks 6 years since Princess decided to surprise us with an early entry to this world.  She was so SMALL even preemie-sized clothes were too big.  She almost could have worn doll clothes!

Two months later, she finally grew enough to fit into preemie stuff!

Next week’s challenge theme is TRICK OR TREAT.  I’d better not forget the camera on Halloween. 
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Perspectives – 5 Senses

BREAKING NEWS FLASH  ** This is my 100th post.  What a milestone! I didn’t think I’d ever make it this far. **  Now back to your regularly scheduled post . . .
This week’s theme for the Perspectives Challenge was the 5 Senses.

My first thought was “easy-peasy”.  I figured I could use one of my failed “light” photos of Bugaboo savoring his chocolate doughnut.  That’s a “taste” photo if I’ve ever seen one!

Then I thought of the texture on this brick wall.  Many of the bricks have unique textures, but this one in the middle is the most prominent and interesting.  Something about it just begs to be touched.

I really wanted to capture something to do with smell.  I started thinking about what smells I like and thought of freshly baked goodies.  So, how about a freshly baked chocolate zucchini cake.  It smelled so good that Bugaboo decided he couldn’t wait.  Good thing it was cool enough that he didn’t get burned.

Perspectives Photo Challenge


I’ve thought for several weeks that it would be fun to participate in the Perspectives Photo Challenge hosted by Lena B Photography, Agape Love Designs and When Shutters Click.  This week’s theme is “Around Town” which seemed easy enough, but I’m not great at having a camera with me on a regular basis.  Still, I managed with a new photo I snapped as well as some older ones snapped by The Author.  I think they’re kind of fun.

We’re big fans of Doctor Who, so earlier this week when Mr. Adventure came running in the house saying, “I found it!” we had to go investigate.  Sure enough, the TARDIS is parked in a nearby back yard.  I wonder what The Doctor is doing in town?

I wish the camera would have had a better zoom, but for the distance we were, this isn’t too bad a photo. This would have been perfect for last week’s “Far” theme.

Ah, there’s The Doctor!  (S)he decided to check out the zoo, particularly the Desert Dome.

Last is this view of downtown from the unique perspective of the middle of the river.

This was captured on our riverboat tour earlier in the summer.

Whew, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  I should do this more often.