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Skills I never knew I had

This handy little tool has become one of my best friends over the years:

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I certainly never set out to become a handywoman.  It has kind of been thrust on me by kids.  Lately my trusty screwdriver has been used to remove and reinstall doorknobs.  Bugaboo has a knack for locking himself in the bathroom or my bedroom.  The problem then is that he can’t unlock the door to get out.  Mom with her screwdriver to the rescue!  Have a toilet paper roll holder that has been taken off the wall?  Yep, I can fix that.  Towel bar pulled away from the wall brackets?  I can fix that, too.  Maybe I need to just ban Bugaboo from the bathroom entirely.

What unforeseen skills have you gained as a parent?

Parenting: I need help

Okay, maybe some people would look at me and say I’m doing a great job as a parent.  I certainly hear it from my kids’ teachers all the time.  However, I can always use new ideas to help tweak my parenting and make it better (just ask my kids, or maybe not, that could get ugly).  I was thrilled to see that Andi of The Hollie Rogue is starting a faith-based parenting book club.  To start things off, we’re reading Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.

The first discussion will be April 8, and cover the first two chapters.  That gives you plenty of time to place a library hold, etc.  Won’t you join the club?