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Ornament exchange

I had the opportunity to participate in the first ornament exchange sponsored by One Artsy Mama.  I was paired with Megan from Chaos Served Daily.  We were able to contact each other and get to know interests, color schemes for decorating, etc.  Megan sent me this beautiful hand-stamped ornament:

It will work well on “my” tree.  However, this year it’s hanging out with all the family ornaments to provide less temptation for a certain 3-year-old boy.  (We’re already at one “pull tree over on top of himself” incident this year.  I suppose it could be worse.)

For my part in the exchange, I thought and thought and changed my mind and finally settled on inventing a crocheted wreath.  I added some beads for holly berries and topped it off with a big rickrack bow. (my apologies for a blurry photo, I was in a hurry to get it mailed)

I hope Megan loves my creation.

What’s your favorite holiday decorating color scheme or theme?

Handmade Ornament Exchange

I recently participated in a handmade ornament swap.  I had a plan for the ornament I was going to make and had supplies, then I received an adorable package in the mail from Wendy of Wendy Mac Designs.  These goodies were inside:


 Aren’t they adorable?  She had them all wrapped up with a cute ribbon and brooch holding everything together.
Enter my inadequacy syndrome.
How was I supposed to come up with something as cute as this? Suddenly my plan for the ornaments I was going to make looked very childish in comparison.  I only had a few days left for the deadline and I was back to square one.  I racked my brain for an idea that would be even half as cute as what Wendy sent.  I decided to fall back on my amigurumi skills and the general obsession around here with sock monkeys, and I invented a little crocheted sock monkey ornament.

What do you think?  Any interest in a tutorial?  Go here for the tutorial.
I also sent one of these cuties off to a different ornament exchange.  Unfortunately, I haven’t received anything in return yet.

Ornament Swaps

I love ornament swaps.  Of course, that could be because a) I love getting fun stuff in the mail.  Seriously, if you want to make my day, send me something.  It’s like Christmas or my birthday every time I find something besides bills in the mailbox.  Or, b) because I love everything to do with Christmas.  My mom was always very firm that we couldn’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I get that Thanksgiving is an important holiday and I am thankful, I really am, I just love Christmas decor!  I figure if I wait until after Thanksgiving dinner I’m fine and still maximize my time with Christmas stuff.

Anyway, I have a group of online friends that I have been emailing for almost 11 years.  They’ve seen me through good times and bad, and are some of my best friends even though I’ve never met any of them in real life.  We’ve been swapping ornaments for something like 8 or 9 of those 11 years.  It’s so fun each year to pull out the ornaments and remember who sent each one and the reasons they chose that particular ornament, in some cases.

This year I decided to branch out a little and join in a couple of other ornament swaps.  I’m excited to try the handmade swap with And Nothing Else Matters and Miss Mommy.  I actually have a great idea that I’m planning to try that I saw in January or so and have been waiting all year for the excuse to actually start crafting.  We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m also participating in a swap through Eisy Morgan.  This one is your choice of handmade or purchased.

Come join in the fun!