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Tuesday 10 – Channeling my inner geek


Today’s Tuesday 10 theme is “10 Geeky Facts About Yourself”.  When I first started thinking about it, I thought I’d have to change the theme to “10 reasons I’m not a geek” or something like that.


The only geek-related fact I could think of was that I was an adult before I realized Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, and The Empire Strikes Back had anything to do with each other.  I more or less knew that Star Wars had Luke and Leia and Darth Vader.  I knew that The Empire Strikes Back had Ewoks and I thought they were pretty cute.  Yes, I was a child of the 80s, but I had only seen bits and pieces of them, so I didn’t realize any of the characters were the same.  My now-husband was mortified and couldn’t believe it.  I guess that could be another fact:  I married a complete geek.  Only that’s a geeky fact, so it doesn’t work for a non-geek fact.  Anyway, moving on now.

Fact number 2 in my non-geek repertoire . . .
It was like I hit a brick wall.

Time for a change of theme, let’s go back to the geek-related facts since I already have two that sort-of fit.

Number 3: (after days and days of thought) Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television was best friends with my grandfather’s oldest brother.

Number 4: (This is getting a little easier.)  I once won a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with a friend against our husbands.  That should be permanent membership into the geek club right there.

Number 5: My oldest daughter takes after her dad and has completely embraced geek-dom. I’ve been pulled along into that world whether I wanted to or not. She introduced me to the Doctor Who series.  We recently found out that the Doctor Who universe is just a few steps away from us.  My sister-in-law went to a year of elementary school with Jenna-Louise Coleman (this season’s new companion).

Number 6: Because of my love for Doctor Who, I was just as excited as the kids were to find the TARDIS parked in a nearby back yard.

Number 7: Somehow my husband and I started watching the Firefly series.  I immediately fell in love and am still sorely disappointed that they only had one season and a movie.  There is so much more just dying to be told.

Number 8:  This one is more of another non-geek fact.  I tried to dissuade The Artist from getting an Avengers lunch box, thinking it was too juvenile.  She disagreed and I figured she was the one that was carrying it around the high school every day.  Apparently she’s had many people comment on how cool it is.  I guess I’m out of touch when it comes to geeky coolness.

Number 9: I learned just the other day that not all Bat-symbols are the same.  Who knew?

Number 10: Finally, the last and possibly most important geeky fact about me: even my last name is geeky.  It’s Batman with an “e” in the middle.

The craziest (cardboard) boat you’ve ever seen

Our elementary school drama club recently did a production based on The City of Ember.  Little Miss Sunshine starred as Poppy and The Author and The Artist both volunteered behind the scenes.  One of their responsibilities was to design the boat.  A large cardboard box labeled “BOAT” did the job, but it wasn’t very interesting.  So, they embellished the inside:

Any geek-related show or movie was probably referenced in some way.  They even threw in a “Volunteer as Tribute” button and a “Silence Will Fall” quote.  How many sources can you identify?

I kind of like The Artist’s chibi-style Yoda.

Doesn’t Little Miss Sunshine make a cute Poppy?

We inherited the boat after the play was over.  If only I had a clue what to do with it.  For now, it’s happily residing in our basement.