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Am I making a difference?

I’ve always thrived on the approval of others.  Getting a simple “Congratulations” or a “Job well done” made me try harder and put forth more effort. It’s not in an attempt to be showy and make sure everyone knows what I’ve done, I just get motivated when my efforts are noticed.
Several months ago I read a message to the ladies in my church encouraging them to be aware of the influence they have to bring about good and encourage and support others.  This got me thinking about the various groups and organizations that I associate with and my role within those groups.


 I’m a member of our elementary school PTA.  I have been for as long as I’ve had children in the school.  By now, I know most of the teachers and staff by sight and vice versa.  It’s easy to feel appreciated when the staff is vocal in their appreciation and the students enjoy the planned activities.  The same idea goes for Cub Scout leadership.  I can see that I’m making a difference.
I was recently asked to serve on a parent advisory committee for our school district.  A few days later when I was at the middle school, I was approached by the principal and thanked for accepting this position.  Until that moment, I wouldn’t have even thought that the principal knew who I was, let alone recognized me.  Obviously something I’ve done has been noticed and appreciated.

Outside of my family, the area where most people would probably say I have the most influence is as the leader of the children’s organization within my church.  This is also where I felt the least appreciated and felt like my efforts were going unnoticed. I was ready to give up since my efforts didn’t matter anyway.  Then, it happened:  one of the mothers saw me in the hall and expressed her appreciation for all that I did.  The next week another mother did the same, then I got a thank you email from a different mother.  These ladies probably never realized what a difference their words made to me.  It was just a simple thing, but it changed my perspective.

As I’ve reflected on blogging, I’ve wondered if I’m making a difference.  Life has taught me that my efforts do have an influence, even though I may not realize it.
What can you do to make a difference today?