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The last of our 2011 elf adventures

A quick post to share the last of our elf adventures this year:
The elves pulled out all the Beyblades and had fun one night.

One morning we found them in the sink taking a cotton ball bubble bath.

They opened up the gingerbread house kit:

Then decorated it.  Oops, those are my “elves” in action.

This year they festified (is that a word?) our kitchen more than normal by hanging candy canes on all the cabinet handles and “gift-wrapping” the cupboards.

They stayed up all night baking cookies and then sampled them, with milk, of course.

We left bits of brownies out for them one night.  That was a mistake!  We woke up the next morning to find they had created a zipline in the kitchen!

 The kids were a little slow writing letters to Santa, so the elves wrote some pretty silly ones for them.

Christmas morning we found their idea to prevent anyone wandering down the stairs before everyone else was up.  I had the honor of busting through the paper to lead everyone downstairs.

Christmas Elf

I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but as I’ve been browsing around Pinterest, I happened across a board full of ideas for a Christmas Elf. Have you seen the Christmas Elf idea?  Sometimes it is known as Elf on the Shelf.  The elf visits from the North Pole and reports back to Santa how the children have behaved.  In the meantime, the elf finds the most unlikely places to fall asleep and gets into lots of mischief.  This website explains it and links to message boards with some great ideas.

We started this tradition two years ago when Kayla was introduced to us.  (She is a Kelly doll that I found in Target’s holiday section.)

Kayla did some fun things like hang candy canes from every knob in the kitchen and even on the chandelier above the table.  She used paper plates as sleds down the stairs.  We had fun finding where she went to sleep each night.

Then, last year we added Kyle and Ashley. (Found at Hobby Lobby with the other Christmas plush.)

With more heads, they were able to cook up even more mischief.  They got into a marshmallow snowball fight, had a movie night, etc.  One morning we woke up to this sight in the office chair:

Ultimately, the elves had a grand finale a couple days before Christmas when they took the car for a joy ride and drove through a nearby drive-thru for ice cream.

Of course, now I have to come up with new ideas to top that!  So, I’m glad I’ve found some new ideas via Pinterest.  Do you have any great suggestions?