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Tuesday 10 – Costumes

With Halloween being just around the corner, it seems that I’ve been hearing “Can I be . . . for Halloween?” or “I want to dress up like . . .” for weeks.  I seem to have been a slacker in the photography department for a lot of our Halloweens.  Oops!  Here’s some of the costumes I’ve worn vicariously through my children or ones we’ve used for other occasions.

 50’s girl – This is that vicarious living thing.  I always wanted a poodle skirt when I was little.  I whipped up this one the night before “Decade Day” at our elementary one year.

Avengers – When you’re a self-proclaimed geek and you’re shopping with friends, you can’t pass up an opportunity to try on the masks in the toy department.

 60’s color-block dress – This was also a night-before Decade Day project.  I completely freehanded the pattern and thought it turned out pretty good.  That is, until we had to slash the back neckline to get it on.

Arwen – This was The Artist’s idea.  She saved her babysitting money for months to buy the necklace that is a movie replica.  The dress was a medieval pattern that I made.

Joan of Arc – This was a 4th grade research project.  They did a “Living Museum” and each child gave a short oral report on their person.

 Cub Scout – This is one of our desperation costumes.  Throw on that uniform and instant costume.

Kendoist – This is another family favorite.  We practiced kendo for several years, so the armor makes another easy, instant costume.

Baby Bop – One year Princess fell in love with the Baby Bop costume in our costume box.  I have to admit, she was pretty cute.

Weeping Angel – Maybe it’s not the most high-tech costume, but it sure worked to scare the kids as they came home from school.

Sailor Moon – This was The Artist’s first real attempt at a cosplay costume.  Again, it was a low-tech version, but it worked.

Linking up with Lena B, Actually

How did I get talked into this?

Hubby and I have volunteered to be on the Cub Scout Roundtable staff for our district.  About three weeks ago, he came home from the planning meeting (I was playing taxi driver that night) with the news that the ladies were going to do a lip-sync to Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T to introduce the monthly theme for December.

My mind made an immediate flashback to my first year of college.
{I was in a small group assigned to give a presentation to the rest of the newspaper staff on the difference between blonde and blond.  We decided that we should lip sync to R-E-S-P-E-C-T and the group members that weren’t already blonde would temporarily dye their hair.  (I was thinking I was awfully glad I’m a natural blonde and didn’t need to worry about changing my hair color.)  But, the local grocery store didn’t carry temporary hair dye.  Oh, and did I mention that we only had two hours for the planning and practice?  That’s college procrastination at its finest!  With about an hour to go, we decided to see if the theater’s costume shop had any blonde wigs we could rent.  We walked over there and found out that since it was for a class project, we could get wigs for free.  So, we all got blonde wigs (mine was a super-blonde Dolly Parton-style) and then decided to get sparkly dresses as well.  Decked out in our blonde wigs and sparkly dresses, we went to class and gave an enthusiastic performance.  I’m not so sure we got the blonde/blond point across, but oh well.  The newspaper advisor told me that I shouldn’t ever go more blonde than I already was since I got really washed out.}

So, here I was living that experience all over again only without the blonde wig.

Or so I thought.

I guess I’m just destined to be a blonde!

Anyway, two of the other staffers and I did a fun rendition and made complete fools of ourselves for the enjoyment of all the other attendees.