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ABCs of me

I saw this on a blog recently and thought it was a fun idea for some “get-to-know-you” information.  So, the ABCs of me:
{A} Age: 37
{B} Bed size: Queen
{C} Chore you hate: Folding laundry and mopping the kitchen floor
{D} Dogs: puppies are cute; when they grow up, not so much; indoor dogs, NO WAY!
{E} Essential start to your day:  Managing to not sleep through the first alarm
{F} Favorite color: burgundy, mauve or forest green
{G} Gold or Silver: I used to say gold, nowadays I lean more to silver.
{H} Height: 5′ 6.5″
{I} Instruments you play: piano and organ, I played the clarinet in middle school for a couple years, but just didn’t love it and gave it up.
{J} Job Title: Mom
{K} Kids: 4 girls, 2 boys
{L} Live: Nebraska
{M} Married: coming up on 17 years in May
{N} Nicknames: mostly variations of my name: Amos from one of my aunts, Aim Toothpaste from friends in middle school 
{O} Overnight hospital stays: broken arm when I was about 11, 6 births
{P} Pet peeve:  When people run late, whining kids
{Q} Quote:  the current one on my calendar:  “Now is no time to think of what you do not have, think of what you can do with what there is.” – Ernest Hemingway
{R} Righty or Lefty: Right
{S} Siblings: 5 brothers, 2 sisters; I’m the oldest
{T} Time you wake up: I generally roll out of bed about 5:15 to run my oldest daughter to her early morning religion class
{U} University attended: Ricks College and University of Idaho
{V} Vegetables you dislike: pickled beets or collard greens
{W} What makes you run late: I really try not to run late (see pet peeve above).  I’m usually pushing my husband and family out the door at least 10 minutes before we really need to leave so that by the time we do leave and get wherever we’re going, we’re not late.  I would much rather sit around and wait for 10 or 15 minutes than walk into a meeting or whatever 5 minutes late.
{X} X-Rays you’ve had: elbow (see overnight hospital stays), foot when I thought I had a stress fracture, dental
{Y} Yummy food: anything chocolate, unless it’s dark chocolate.  It’s okay if it’s paired with a fruit flavor or maybe mint.  I’m a milk chocolate girl!

{Z} Zoo animal favorite: Kangaroos

Confession time

I have a confession.  This confession will probably put me into the running for Bad Mom of the Decade.  Are you ready?  I don’t like making cookies.

It took me years to realize that this was why I couldn’t ever make a batch of cookies and bake them all.  I would lose interest after the first pan or two came out of the oven and leave the remaining dough for my mom to finish.  I used to make cookies for my kids, but then I gladly turned that responsibility over to my hubby when I realized that he enjoyed baking cookies.  I stuck to cakes, pies, etc. that would hold my interest long enough to get them baked.

So, with my confession out of the way, you can understand why I wasn’t happy to find out that I had been volunteered to make 3 dozen sugar cookies.  Sugar cookies are even worse than drop cookies in my book.  There’s the mixing, then the rolling, then cutting, then more rolling, more cutting, repeat.

All this work that takes twice as long or more than drop cookies.  For the most part, I happily delegate the task of making sugar cookies to my mom.  We always enjoy our holiday care packages of homemade, ready-to-decorate sugar cookies with sprinkles and candy for decorating.

Then again, you really feel like (Worst) Mother of the Year when the kids ask if Grandma will bake cookies with them when she comes to visit.

I have to admit, the sight of cooling cookies and the enjoyment on Princess’s face was worth the effort.  Maybe not enough to make cookies on a regular basis, but I’ll enjoy the rewards of my efforts . . . at least until Grandma’s next care package comes.  How long until Valentine’s Day?