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The end of the world, elf-style

Our elves celebrated the end of the world . . .

with Oreos.  Nice to see their priorities in the right place.

Elf Adventures 2012

One again, we’ve been able to have elves visit from the North Pole.  (You may notice that these are not your typical Elf on the Shelf dolls.  Those creep me out, so we improvised with a Kelly doll {Kayla} and then added two plush dolls from Hobby Lobby {Kyle and Ashley}.  The basic idea is still the same.)  Here’s some of our adventures so far this month:

The elves arrived along with a beautiful subway art print from Colette at My Computer is my Canvas.  They shared the nativity story with the Little People and Veggietales characters.

 Another night, they acted out a nativity.  Who knew paper towels were so versatile?

Apparently they rode on Rudolph’s back from the North Pole.  They really liked those paper towel head scarves.

So far, they’d been pretty well-behaved.  Knowing our mischievous little elves, we knew that good behavior couldn’t last too long.  Sure enough, we woke up to find them like this one morning:

Holding a dry-erase marker and looking at the kids’ photos on the opposite wall.

We had a Boise State fan (she’s very pro-Husker), a kitty and a polka-dotted clown.

Plus, a pirate, shark attack and an evil villain.  I wonder what adventures we have in store for the next few days.

Do you have an elf at your house?  What have they been up to lately?

The last of our 2011 elf adventures

A quick post to share the last of our elf adventures this year:
The elves pulled out all the Beyblades and had fun one night.

One morning we found them in the sink taking a cotton ball bubble bath.

They opened up the gingerbread house kit:

Then decorated it.  Oops, those are my “elves” in action.

This year they festified (is that a word?) our kitchen more than normal by hanging candy canes on all the cabinet handles and “gift-wrapping” the cupboards.

They stayed up all night baking cookies and then sampled them, with milk, of course.

We left bits of brownies out for them one night.  That was a mistake!  We woke up the next morning to find they had created a zipline in the kitchen!

 The kids were a little slow writing letters to Santa, so the elves wrote some pretty silly ones for them.

Christmas morning we found their idea to prevent anyone wandering down the stairs before everyone else was up.  I had the honor of busting through the paper to lead everyone downstairs.

10 Elf Adventures

Do you have a Christmas Elf that visits your family?  Want to know more about the Christmas Elf tradition?  Go here to see a previous post I wrote about our elves.
I wanted to share some of our elf adventures from the past couple of years.
One morning we found Ashley, Kyle and Kayla hanging out in the freezer.  It looks like their midnight snack was ice cream.
 Kyle and Ashley showed up in the kids’ desks at school.
 Kayla tried to hitch a ride to school.
 The elves tried their hand at crocheting, and ended up with a big yarn mess instead.
 Hanging out with Cowie and Reindeer on the tree
 A marshmallow snowball fight
 Game night with game-themed candy
 Decorate the kitchen with candy canes on all the cupboard handles
 Read the Christmas books
 Raid the pantry and spell out Ho Ho Ho
 Movie night complete with popcorn and goodie plates
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Our elves arrived

We woke up Saturday morning to a surprising sight:

Our elves, Kayla, Kyle and Ashley, came back for another visit.  They brought their trusty sidekicks, Cowie and Reindeer.  This will be the third year we’ve had this fun tradition. 

This morning we woke up to this in the family room:

Apparently time spent crocheting didn’t go unnoticed.  Poor Kyle got the worst of it, he appeared to have skein duty but it was a bit too much for him.

Kayla and Ashley didn’t seem to know what to do with the crochet hooks, but they sure made a mess of the yarn anyway.

Who knows what we’ll find when we wake up tomorrow?