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Ultimate Blog Angel Reveal

When I got the email from Rosie that it was time to link up our reveal posts for the Ultimate Blog Angel edition I couldn’t believe it.  Where did December go?  Ready or not, the big reveal day is here.  As a reminder, this edition was different from past editions because we got to choose our own blog to follow rather than being assigned.  So, who have I been “angelling” for the past month?

I chose Megan from Chaos Served Daily.  I first discovered her blog when I was partnered with her for an ornament exchange.  She created this beautiful hand-stamped ornament:

Like most of my blog angel experiences, I think I probably get more out of this than my angelee.  My support primarily lies in commenting and hopefully Megan felt that comment love this month.  Megan posts a variety of DIY ideas and projects.  Here are some of my favorite posts from the past month:

I’d love for you to stop by and show her some comment love!
If you want to participate in the next round of Blog Angels (for February), Rosie will be taking sign-ups on January 15.  Maybe I’ll be your angel next time.

Ornament exchange

I had the opportunity to participate in the first ornament exchange sponsored by One Artsy Mama.  I was paired with Megan from Chaos Served Daily.  We were able to contact each other and get to know interests, color schemes for decorating, etc.  Megan sent me this beautiful hand-stamped ornament:

It will work well on “my” tree.  However, this year it’s hanging out with all the family ornaments to provide less temptation for a certain 3-year-old boy.  (We’re already at one “pull tree over on top of himself” incident this year.  I suppose it could be worse.)

For my part in the exchange, I thought and thought and changed my mind and finally settled on inventing a crocheted wreath.  I added some beads for holly berries and topped it off with a big rickrack bow. (my apologies for a blurry photo, I was in a hurry to get it mailed)

I hope Megan loves my creation.

What’s your favorite holiday decorating color scheme or theme?