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Crocheted beaver hat

This past weekend I finished a year-long adventure that was called Wood Badge.  For those that might not be familiar with this course, it is an adult leadership course through Boy Scouts of America.  My course was two 3-day weekends of camping and hands-on instruction in a small group called a patrol.  For me this was the Beaver Patrol.  Then I had to put this knowledge into practice and complete my ticket (five Scouting goals).

The reward for completing the process is a neckerchief scarf and leather woggle (neckerchief slide),  and two little wooden beads on a leather thong, in addition to the experience and prestige.

The other ladies that completed the course with me both had hats to represent their respective patrols.  So, I set out to figure out how to create a beaver hat.  After some looking, I found a pattern.  However, being the frugal person that I am, I didn’t want to pay for something that I could probably figure out on my own.  I kept searching and hopped onto the Repeat Crafter Me site since I knew she had several free hat patterns there.  A combination of a few patterns and some free-handed elements and I have my own beaver hat:

My hat used the basic hat instructions from this Sock Monkey Hat pattern and crocheted in a spiral rather than joining each round.  The ears are from the same pattern, but I folded them in half to create a smaller, 3-D looking ear.  I wanted a little bit of a feminine touch, so I used the bow pattern from this Penguin Hat to make the purple bow.  The other facial elements were my own creation for the muzzle, nose and teeth.  The eyes are black buttons sewn onto white felt circles.  The whiskers were just sewn on with black yarn.

I made my own pattern for the tail.  I’m not sure I like it, but it works for the general idea.  I think it’s a little short.  I might try to change that at some point.

What do you think, is making beaver hats my calling in life?

Wool critters

** This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions contained herein are my own. **
Today I want to share with you a fun Etsy shop: Good Natured by Dani.  I first discovered her through a post on one of the blogs I follow.  Then, I won a facebook giveaway for a free craftimal.  I asked her if she could make a fox for my husband (since that’s his Woodbadge critter). Renard the Fox was born.

Fast forward several months to when I completed the Woodbadge course.  I knew I wanted to ask if she could make a beaver so we could have a “matched set” so to speak.  I finally decided to go for it and emailed the request.  Dani was quick to jump on the idea and she created Winston the Beaver.

I love that she even included a “chewed” tree stump.  A funny side-note:  Over the last night of our training, we were asked to do some kind of service at the camp.  Options were limited in the pouring rain, so my patrol decided to gather up some dead-wood and pile it near the firepit for the next group to be able to use for firewood.  As we shared our projects the following morning, one of the staff members (also a Beaver) informed us that this wasn’t firewood, it was a snack!

Anyway, I’m super pleased with our cute, wool critters. I’m sure they’ll become the best of friends.

If you’ve ever wondered what to get someone for a gift or just because, you should check out Dani’s shop.  She has lots of cute animals and is open to new ideas.  You think of it, she’ll craft it!