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Arena of Heroes, my Kickstarter Project!

Dear Internet,

I hold a very special place in my heart for To date, I’ve helped successfully fund thirteen different projects, ranging from board games and comic books, to card games and RPGs, to gadgets and design software. I love the “grassroots” feel as I watch the projects increase in funding, knowing people are screaming “I WANT THIS, YOUR IDEA IS WORTH MY MONEY!” I also have ideas; lots of ideas. Most are surrounding my 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons home-brew campaign, but everything can’t be swords and magic and princesses.

As many of you that frequent my site know, another section has mysteriously materialized in the menu bar across the top: Board Games. There are two sub-links there for games I have designed to a point that they are ready to be released. Reversal of Fortune is a pirate themed card game that can be purchased through the spectacular print-on-demand service The Game Crafter. The other is a board game modeled in style from pop-culture hits as Gladiator or Sparticus, called Arena of Heroes.

Along with the talented help of Alex Melchor and Wesley K. Hall, I have been able to step up the “wow factor” with gorgeous artwork and game board layout. But…this isn’t enough. Even the prettiest pearl is nothing if never seen.

With my affinity for Kickstarter and wanting to take Arena of Heroes to the next level, as of GenCon (don’t worry, there’s a HUGE post-GenCon article coming soon), I’ve launched my first Kickstarter project asking for $15,000 to do a large, professional print run of Arena of Heroes. I only set the project to run for 30 days, so with a September 3rd deadline looming in the not too far distance, I turn to you and hope my idea is worth your money. Please take a look at the Arena of Heroes Kickstarter Project Page and let me know what you think.

Edit: I’ve included a gameplay video on the Kickstarter page and thought I’d add it over here as well.

Thank you,
Jeremy Southard
Wastex Games

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