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Random Friday

Today I thought I’d join Megan in sharing 5 random facts about me:

1 – I’ve never traveled outside the continental U.S.  Someday I hope to visit my sister in Canada and vacation in Hawaii.  A Caribbean cruise would be fun, too.

2 – I can’t stand the texture of marshmallows.  They must be melted for me to eat them.

3 – I hate mopping floors.  That really why I’ve taught my kids how to clean the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the tile entry.  Or maybe I just hate cleaning in general.

4 – Someday I plan to go back to school and get a masters degree.

5 – I’ve always wanted to play the flute and violin.

Come join the party at and here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. 🙂

ABCs of me

I saw this on a blog recently and thought it was a fun idea for some “get-to-know-you” information.  So, the ABCs of me:
{A} Age: 37
{B} Bed size: Queen
{C} Chore you hate: Folding laundry and mopping the kitchen floor
{D} Dogs: puppies are cute; when they grow up, not so much; indoor dogs, NO WAY!
{E} Essential start to your day:  Managing to not sleep through the first alarm
{F} Favorite color: burgundy, mauve or forest green
{G} Gold or Silver: I used to say gold, nowadays I lean more to silver.
{H} Height: 5′ 6.5″
{I} Instruments you play: piano and organ, I played the clarinet in middle school for a couple years, but just didn’t love it and gave it up.
{J} Job Title: Mom
{K} Kids: 4 girls, 2 boys
{L} Live: Nebraska
{M} Married: coming up on 17 years in May
{N} Nicknames: mostly variations of my name: Amos from one of my aunts, Aim Toothpaste from friends in middle school 
{O} Overnight hospital stays: broken arm when I was about 11, 6 births
{P} Pet peeve:  When people run late, whining kids
{Q} Quote:  the current one on my calendar:  “Now is no time to think of what you do not have, think of what you can do with what there is.” – Ernest Hemingway
{R} Righty or Lefty: Right
{S} Siblings: 5 brothers, 2 sisters; I’m the oldest
{T} Time you wake up: I generally roll out of bed about 5:15 to run my oldest daughter to her early morning religion class
{U} University attended: Ricks College and University of Idaho
{V} Vegetables you dislike: pickled beets or collard greens
{W} What makes you run late: I really try not to run late (see pet peeve above).  I’m usually pushing my husband and family out the door at least 10 minutes before we really need to leave so that by the time we do leave and get wherever we’re going, we’re not late.  I would much rather sit around and wait for 10 or 15 minutes than walk into a meeting or whatever 5 minutes late.
{X} X-Rays you’ve had: elbow (see overnight hospital stays), foot when I thought I had a stress fracture, dental
{Y} Yummy food: anything chocolate, unless it’s dark chocolate.  It’s okay if it’s paired with a fruit flavor or maybe mint.  I’m a milk chocolate girl!

{Z} Zoo animal favorite: Kangaroos

My obsession with apples

I admit it, I have an obsession with apples.  Maybe it is the educator in me.  Maybe they’re just cute.  Maybe it’s because they’re tasty.  Whatever the reason, I go a little bit crazy any time I see apples on a decor item, on fabric, in some kind of craft, etc.
It all started innocently enough.  I attended a conference for future educators between my junior and senior years of high school.  At one of the sessions, I was a door prize winner.  It ended up being a wooden apple paper clip holder.  You can see it in the photo below of  my kitchen wall (it’s the wooden one on the right side of the shelf). 

Somehow that one little piece started an epidemic.  I have wall plaques, cross-stitched pieces, stuffed fabric apples, apple towels and pot holders, apple mugs and apple juice glasses,  apple clocks, apple trivets, and an apple perpetual calendar.  And that’s just the kitchen!  I’ve collected apple print fabrics and various apple crafts.  I have apple blankets, apple knicknacks, apple earrings, and I put apples in my wedding bouquet and other floral arrangements.  All of my girls have worn apples on their clothing at some point in time.  If I could find boy clothes with apples I would probably get those, too.

My mom used to laugh because every time we would go shopping I would inevitably wander down some aisle to investigate an apple that caught my eye.  She joked that I could spot apple anything across the store.  I can’t help it.  They jump out at me and I’m drawn over.  I keep thinking what a tragedy it would be if I one day decide that my apple phase has passed.  So far, though, I think the apple creators of the world are safe.  I’ll continue to find something to fuel my obsession.