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Blog Angel reveal

I can’t believe August is already over and it’s time to reveal who I’ve been helping as a Blog Angel this month.

I have been helping the lovely Celeste from Crazy Beautiful Unique.  She is also the creative mind behind A Girl and Her Clay.  I’m sure this comes as no surprise to her since my efforts during the second half of the month have been less than stealthy. 

As far as what I did over the course of the month, I started by following her blog, Facebook, and liking her Etsy shop.  I did all these a few days before the beginning of the month, hoping that my cover wouldn’t be blown by just showing up on August first.  I tried to comment on most of her posts and just be supportive.  Her shop was on vacation when I first discovered it, but by looking through past sales I was able to get an idea of what she offered.  I decided I could kill two birds with one stone once the shop opened and support her financially as well as getting some Christmas gifts for my girls.  I then had the brainstorm to request a custom chibi-style Lil Red charm for Little Miss Sunshine. (See this post)

The other big thing that I managed to pull off was getting her free ad space on one of my favorite blogs.  That was a frantic day on my end since the free code was only applicable to the first person to claim it.  I didn’t have the time to be super secretive, so I just fired off a message to let her know her blog angel wanted to give her this opportunity.  I tried to make it sound like I was sending the message for someone else, but I’m almost positive I didn’t pull it off.  But, Celeste ended up with the ad and I’m thrilled for her!

So, with all that said, would I participate in the Blog Angel program again?  Definitely!  I’ll be planning on round 2 in October.  (Sign-ups will begin September 15, if you’re interested in making a difference to another blogger.)


Is that really made from clay?

I recently found a fun Etsy shop that I wanted to share with you — A Girl and Her Clay.  I was blown away by Celeste’s creativity and talent with sculpting clay.  I jumped on her 50% off sale (still going through August 18 with a free shipping code, too) to snag some fun pieces.  These photos don’t do justice to the pieces.  They are exquisite with teeny, tiny details.  I purchased one of her grab bags that contained this cute bunny that Princess has happily adopted.

Love the detail on the strawberry

 This cute ring was another grab bag treasure.  I must admit, I’m not sure exactly what it is supposed to be, but I can appreciate the details.

I couldn’t resist this cute s’more charm set. These charms are so tiny, but look so realistic and detailed.

Or how about this pop-tart charm.  It looks real enough to eat. All this yummy-looking goodness is only about an inch long.

After seeing Celeste’s creativity, the wheels started turning in my head.  I thought it would be great to see if she could make a Husker-related charm for Little Miss Sunshine, our self-proclaimed Husker-a-holic.

Celeste was super excited to get a custom order and went right to work on a chibi version of Lil Red. She really captured his cuteness.  This little guy in only a couple inches tall, but that was enough to make Little Miss Sunshine squeal with delight.

I’m sure glad I opted to give him as a “Back-to-school” gift rather than waiting until Christmas like I’d originally planned.  Now Lil Red can be worn every game day.

You should check out Celeste’s shop while she’s running her fabulous sale, especially if you love sushi.  Just sayin’.