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Wastex Games Android News App [NEWS]

Do you have an Android device?  If so, you should check out the Wastex Games News app, available for free through Google Play.  Here’s the link:

The Wastex Games News app is a content presentation application that pulls together this blog feed, the @WastexGamesNews twitter account, and the YouTube account, packaging them all into one easy to use place.

The main screen. Blog Feed
Twitter Feed YouTube Feed

This is just the first of several mobile tools we have planned, which is just a small part of a larger set of changes coming to the Wastex Games brand.

A New Year & A New Focus

Hey everyone!

It’s been a few months since I posted on the old WordPress site.  Things have been changing a bit in the various subjects I normally focus on and I’ve finally decided it was time for a change on the site.  For now, the domain will redirect here to the new Blogger site.  I’m working on a little redirect script for the old permalinks, but until then I’ll leave the old WordPress site up at  I’ve also imported all the old posts from the WordPress site, so they’re all available here going forward.

A brand new site is in the works, but I will continue to host the blogging portion of the site here on Blogger.

Feel free to let me know if you have any comments or suggestions as things continue to change!

Jeremy Southard
Wastex Games